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Christian Business Harvest Network
Whether you’re early-career, Senior Leader or an Entrepreneur, we all need that lift, motivation and push to align our efforts with our eternal purposes.

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“Where the Entrepreneurial Spirit Meets the Holy Spirit”

A Gathering of like-minded people who are seeking the fulness of what God has for their careers and businesses.

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Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess with

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Leaf will share her mind-directed techniques to help relieve mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and intrusive thoughts.

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Why CBHN ?

Core Values

  • Opportunity to express your core values and the belief system that drives your organization.
  • Speak to your community involvement.
  • Opportunity to celebrate the role your faith plays in Business and inspire countless others to do the same.

Brand Awareness

  • Our reach extends beyond traditional channels; highlighted by Apple Music and Spotify exposure
  • Controlled content through curated questions
  • Extended window to speak beyond the tagline

Trusted Voice

  • Beyond Brand Awareness, experience Brand Reinforcement as a community and thought leader
  • Ties developed by shared Faith extend past the awkward get to know phase
  • Credibility reinforced by Third Party Validation


Our Videos

On that Day Two Grind 3:05

Presented by Christian Business Harvest Network.

B.E.S.T. 2:37

Presented by Christian Business Harvest Network.


Smell my Breath 5:08

Presented by Christian Business Harvest Network.

Shiraz Siddique

Christian Business Harvest Network

Rallying a core group, Shiraz Siddique founded Christian Business Harvest Network to grow the Competence and Confidence of Business Professionals to fulfill their God-given capacities.

His motivating and inspirational style nurtures the type of faith that propels people towards a Passionate Pursuit of Purpose. Through practical Business Skillset development, CBHN endeavors to build a Christian Mindset towards harvesting the fulness of the seed God had deposited in our DNA.